My Med App

My Med App is a very simple proof-of-concept site for the API. It has no behind-the-scenes technical connection to SecureVideo, it uses and demonstrates only what can be accomplished using the (very simple) API.

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List Users

View the My Med App Users who are registered in the system.

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List Sessions

View Sessions which are scheduled in the system.

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Schedule a Session

Schedule a Videoconferencing Session from My-Med-App, which will be created in, which will send invitations and notifications via text or e-mail.

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Automatic Sign On

Automatically sign a user on to her branded SecureVideo Dashboard.

Direct Connection

It is possible to directly connect to a session from within your application. Note: in this case, your application will have to handle all aspects of session scheduling, engine installation, presence detection, and any desktop notifications you want to send.

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